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Trial Purchase

The secret agents of mystery shopping

The trial purchasers will stay under cover only if they are similar to the members of the target group in appearance and if they are able to act their part naturally without stage fright. Here not only ’losing’ the role but overacting can cause problems too. The overcompensation which comes from the incompetence can be as conspicuous for the person in charge or the shop assistant as the lack of real interest. When the trial purchaser gets pinched, the shop assistant realizes that he/she is not dealing with a common customer.

After getting caught the trial purchaser is not examining an average situation so he/she won’t be able to give a good picture of it if the assistant plays his/her role well and she/he does not unveil himself6herself. The best trial purchasers are those who meet the requirements of the target group. Not only do they play the role of the interested but they themselves are also interested in the topic of the research.

To achieve this there must be an institute which has a relatively big network based on a structure from which it is always possible to choose the right people for a certain task on the basis of personal relationships. Our network of instructors and interviewers meet these requirements both in size and structure.

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