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About Us

Almost 100 years experience

H-Reports Ltd. Was established in 2007. Our company is young which means it involves of all the positive possibilities of this fact: it is flexible, fast, smart and optimistic. Although our company is young, our workers’ history goes back to beginning of the Hungarian market research, namely to the 90s. We have 70 years experience in the field of market research, public opinion pool and data recording. A few years from now, the 100 will be experienced in the number of years. These many years of practice give a lot too us. During the years spent in data recording our colleagues learnt everything which someone must and can know. The years armed us with everything good which goes hand in hand with age: knowledge, wisdom, maturity, competence.

Klára Baranyai manager

Ildikó Millei manager

Péter Milovecz manager

Erika Ábrahám

Eszter Kovács instructor

Our history

On the field together from 2007

In 2007 an idea was born in three of us at the same time that we would like to try ourselves in a new thing. This new thing was the foundation of H-Reports Ltd. Founding H-reports, we thought of a data recording company which would be independent from those firms which will make us collect data for them. In our opinion independence is a for in many aspects, and it can make our team more effective

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