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Target Group

Only with the right people

The target group research is one of the most popular qualitative areas. The people invited after a certain filtering process must belong to a certain set group. The success of the target group has two parts. One has a lot to do with the group who organize and process the research. And that is the quality of people who are organized for this.

I mean the suitability of the people taking part is the research as quality. It is not worth listening to someone’s’ opinion who is not part of the target group as he does not meet the requirements of that.

We work only with such organizers who have already proved their talent in this field and who call in such people who 100%meet the description the previously discussed in the pre filtering questionnaire.

We think this is the only way to set up the right target group professionally so as to provide quality answers to the questions asked in the research.

The room used:

We put the groups into such a room which is equipped with a detective mirror through which the customer can see the conversation. It provides the customer to set up,and add new questions even during the research.

Moreover, we tape the groups, which makes it easier for the researcher to finalize the study.

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