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Keeping confidence

Anyone who wishes to join our team as an interviewer in Hungary, as a first step should take part in an introductory meeting in which he/she is given all the necessary information to do this job by the instructor.

During data recording we have a small insight into the interviewers’ work. That is the reason why confidence is the most important. The trust in the interviewer whom we apply observes all the rules described during the introductory meeting. The trust is there until such mistakes are found in the interviewer’s job which makes the further work together impossible.

There are different levels of check up whose methods enable us to give different control. Before the real control there are different filters set up to catch the suspicious interviewers or questionnaires.

Such pre-filters are:

After pre filtering the real control takes place which is the combination of the following possibilities.

Out of the four methods the first two is used the most often. Our experience shows that this is enough to show our interviewer how important it is to keep the rule. The last two methods would be used if the first two did not prove to be sufficient. We are able to give our customers the greatest security of data as we personally know our interviewers and as a well set up check up system works to control their work. So our customers must make the right decisions after analyzing the data obtained throughout the research conducted by us.

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