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CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing)

"Faster than time"

Time cannot be faster than the development of a company. In Hungary we were the first independent data recording company to set up a CAPI network. We were the first but we had known other CAPI networks so we can avoid others’ mistakes. So we can provide all the advantages of CAPI, as opposed to the drawbacks of the papis data recording without the disadvantages of CAPI.


CAPI has advantages but there are no disadvantages. Data recording with CAPI is not more expensive than the paper based one. What can make CAPI more expensive ( computers, software) can be balanced by avoiding such costs as shipping, press, registering editing, cleansing of data, and by more simple organizing. Besides expenses CAPI might have another disadvantage namely the batteries. The batteries of the computers cannot take the time an interview takes, so these can be carried out at such places where the interviewees let the computers be plugged in. It might not seem such a big problem but our interviewers have the most trouble with it. But in our system such laptops are used which can work for 10.5 hours nonstop with the same batteries, so this problem is solved

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